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So you’re Hot Stuff! Now what?

At the moment hot flushes are probably the worst ‘symptom’ of menopause/

perimenopause that I am experiencing. It has been different at other times along this journey. When it first started the main problem I was having was very painful and heavy menstruation. It got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house for longer than an hour on the first 3 days of my period (you get the gist). They gradually eased as I made some lifestyle changes which greatly impacted my hormonal balance (I’ll pop this in another blog, but if you’re really interested then please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can have a chat to you about it) Recently the hot flushes returned with a vengeance, interrupting my sleep and generally making me feel as if I’d been got at by zombies. Again I have made some lifestyle changes and they have subsided drastically and I’m feeling more human again.

But what I wanted to talk to you about in this blog is the healing power of reiki when it comes to menopause and especially hot flushes. I have done quite a bit of research into this. You’ll come to learn that I don’t take the ‘experts’ word as gospel and have to find out for myself. Sometimes this means that I go down a completely different path to what has been suggested but it usually works out ok. For example when I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety after my divorce, instead of taking the tablets that the doctor prescribed I decided to go down the meditation route and for me that was the best way out. In the majority of cases the increase in intensity of hot flushes will correspond with increased stress. So in some ways it’s a bit of a catch-22. You have a hot flush, you react to it in a way that increases your stress levels, then they gradually get worse due to the increased stress which in turn increases your agitation and the cycle just gets worse and worse. There are different ways in which you can break this pattern and the majority of techniques that I have in my toolbox come from the need to reduce the stress levels that you are experiencing.

Reiki is a fantastic tool that you can use to decrease you stress levels and increase your sense of general wellbeing. During a reiki session the practitioner will help to promote the healthy flow of Qi energy or ‘life force’ throughout the body, bringing balance and relaxation to the recipient. Once your body has reached this state of relaxation it has a chance to start to heal, and in the case of hot flushes they will gradually reduce the more relaxed you become along with any other stress related issues that you may have. So if you are suffering from hot flushes and haven’t tried reiki before, maybe now is the time to try something different. And if you’re concerned about trying to have a reiki healing during lockdown or you feel nervous about someone coming to your house, fear not. Like other spiritual healing modalities, you can have a reiki distance healing.

If you are interested in receiving a distance healing please feel free to contact me and we have virtual coffee and chat about which techniques (whether that be reiki, guided meditation or coaching) would suit you best. The way I conduct my healing is via Zoom as I find it easier to be able to see the client at the time of administering the healing. Some healers don’t do this but for me this is what creates the best results. And also during a healing some clients feel the need to talk and release emotions and I can help that person through that if I see that happening. Healings are usually scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays all day and Friday mornings. However if you can‘t fit into any of those times I am quite happy to find a time that will suit us both. You can reach me by my pages on Instagram or Facebook or you can email me on (the email may take a little longer as I only check it once a day). I look forward to working with you!

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