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The Path to Healing

Dealing with emotional pain is hard, but dealing with the emotional, physical and spiritual sickness that comes from not dealing with it is even harder. You see, it doesn’t just go away. You can bury them down deep, wrapped up tight, but they will keep bobbing back up to the surface until you either deal with them or your life on this earthly plane is extinguished. And even then, depending on your spiritual beliefs you may well be dealing with them again in your next incarnation. Sometimes it stays hidden for a while but oftentimes it will manifest itself in a different way. For myself, it was panic attacks that were so severe that I had an ambulance called because my son thought I was having a heart attack. The first time I ignored it thinking that was due to my back being bad…I know the things we tell ourselves huh? But this last one was even more of a corker and even came back for a second go. For ten days after I wouldn’t leave the house on my own as I was so nervous that it would happen again.

And then I started my own personal healing journey this time around. I’ve done this before and I’ve always felt a lot lighter afterwards, and that’s the thing with healing. You have to keep doing it. Life will always be throwing you curveballs which you need to deal with and each experience of coming out the other side of it will be different. This time around for me has been probably the most life altering. So I will tell you what I have done so far that has helped me through.


The cornerstone of any healing process in my opinion. Having an awareness of your thoughts and so therefore what is causing the emotions that you are feeling is vital. On a basic level our thoughts create our feelings. How does that work? An event happens, you think something about it and then an emotion is formed. Without the thought there is no emotion experienced. When you know what thoughts are forming these emotions then you can deal with them more effectively.


This comes hand in hand with meditation. Working through your thoughts on paper can make them make a bit more sense, especially when you have a mind like mine that jumps all over the place. Something may come up during meditation which I can then explore in further depth in my journal.


Of others and most importantly yourself. I have spent years beating myself up over certain things that have happened and all the time I was blocking my own healing process. Visualisations can help with this in a huge way.

Ways to support yourself physically during a healing journey:

Rest and sleep

Lots of high quality nourishing food

A shit ton of water

And of course essential oils

Copaiba - to help with physical sensations that arise during the healing process

Adaptiv - to support you when feelings of anxiety or overwhelm hit

Serenity - to aid with relaxation and sleep

Frankincense - because frankincense is everything

Ylang Ylang - to help with connection to your inner child

Rose - to connect with the feminine healing energy

Of course it’s all a lot more in depth than that. For example, there are several different types of meditation to do at different times during the healing process and different journal prompts that can be used at different times too. Sometimes people need more help depending on the different traumas that they have been through. Everyone is different and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ technique, it’s more of a blueprint that you can follow.

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